The hard part of being gay is having the pressure of always looking your best.  It’s not a myth.  It’s a fact.  There are some of us who never really learned the trade but if you hang out with a lot of fashionistas, you might as well start learning.

As someone who tried to conceal his sexuality for the first 24 years of his life, I didn’t learn how to dress fashionably.  I don’t know how to mix and match.  I usually choose earth colors when shopping for clothes because it’s the safest bet.  I can not go wrong and they are timeless.

But as you come out of your shell and become more comfortable in your own skin, you realize that you can do whatever you want (within reason of course), be it dress the way you want to dress, be fit or be fat, be fashionable or not.  In the gay world, being fat is almost a mortal sin.  I’m not generalizing because there are some who are comfortable carrying a little weight.  But if you want to be healthy, you would want to keep a good weight not because you simply want to look good but it’s something that will be a benefit to you and your loved ones – looking good is just a by-product.

So, here I am – preparing for my trip to Italy and France next month.  And the main issue that I have right now is that I have gained 20 extra pounds during the winter.  It’s not an excuse but they do say that if someone quits smoking, they are bound to gain weight.  I did quit smoking over a year ago and have maintained my weight at healthy levels until last fall when I enrolled back in school and worked from home for three months.  I didn’t know that working from home could have some negative effects.  The kitchen and the fridge is so accessible and if you know how to cook, you would find yourself cooking all sorts of recipes that could uhmmmmm result in uhmmm – 20 lbs of extra weight!

My friend (pictured above) is always encouraging me to lose weight.  When he lived nearby, we would go to the gym together and kept reminding each other not to eat the bad stuff so we don’t gain weight – – and we were good at that.  Since he moved to Chicago, we’ve just been encouraging each other from afar.

I need to lose the weight because I need to get healthier.  Since I gained weight, I find it harder for me to move around.  A simple climb up the stairs makes me short of breath that I find myself caching my breath after one flight of stairs.  That’s not a good sign.   If I have to use the “fashionista” excuse in order to lose weight, I will.  I want to be able to shop for nice clothes in Europe and I don’t want to be fat when I try clothes on.  I always get turned off at buying clothes if I don’t look good in them and that usually happen when I’m carrying extra weight.

I have started juicing and I will (or try to) do this for the whole month until I leave for Paris.  It’s not an easy task but I’m willing to take the challenge.  After all, it’s not for anyone’s sake but mine.

Here’s to a better me!

photo (1)

photo (2)

Dinner is served!

So I can look like this…..



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