#Fitfam The road to wellness.


I was eighteen years old when I started working out.  I just arrived in the United States and since I didn’t have school or a job at that time, my sister thought it would be best to fill my time with something so that I won’t get homesick and decide to fly back home to the Philippines where I am from.  It was a Racquetball and Fitness club located in Severna Park, MD.  I enjoyed my time there.  The gym had a circuit set where trainers are on standby for people to come in and they will guide them through the circuit exercises, giving hints to proper posture and how to use the nautilus machines. My body instantly bulked up and I was in the best shape of my life.   That was back then.

Fast forward to today.  I eventually went to school, earned a degree and started working.  Once you get busy with school and career, it is easy to give up exercising and unfortunately, you let your body go as well.  During the early days while I was working full-time and going to school, I managed to go to the gym three times a week, run for 20 minutes on a treadmill and lift a few sets.  That kept me in shape.

However, after a long hiatus from working out and learning how to drink and eat foods that are not healthy, you lose all that.  You pick up bad habits along the way including smoking – that’s sure to lead you to a downward spiral.  That was the old me.  I saw myself as a worthless, fat, and an individual lacking energy who could care less about getting back into shape.  Until one day, when I encountered an issue with my blood count.  My blood count went so low that the doctors were perplexed to see me still walking and able to work when I should be without energy.  That lead to a string of tests and more tests.  They couldn’t find the cause of the blood loss.  Until one day, they were able to figure it out and I got my blood count levels back to normal.

That scare gave me the initiative to get back into shape.  I signed up for a gym membership and found a buddy to work out with regularly week-after-week.  As I was getting back into shape, my smoking still prevented me from going full speed with my potential.  I quit smoking 1.8 years ago and that was that.

As you know, when you get older, it’s not easy to lose weight and gain muscles.  You need a little bit of an assistance by taking vitamins and supplements in order for your body to be able to endure strenuous workouts and cardiovascular exercises.  Now, I take multi-vitamins to supplement the nutrients that I get and also give me the nutrients that I failed to get from not eating the proper foods.  I try to stay away from fatty foods and drink more water daily to keep myself hydrated.

Because I quit smoking, I have gained a considerable amount of weight.  I tried going to the gym three times a week like I did back when I was 18-years old but it’s not as easy to lose the weight nowadays.  That’s when I discovered supplements.  I now need supplements to make sure that the goals that I set can be reached.  It could be bulking or shredding – no matter what my goal is, there is a supplement that could help me achieve it.

Have you heard of Prohormones?   Epi Elite Prohormone  is a supplement that can help body builders gain muscle mass.  It is widely use in the market now and it is supposedly have little or no side effects whatsoever.  I have not used it yet as I am still on the shredding phase where I need to lose about 35 pounds before I will try to gain muscle mass.  But I am all for supplements.  If I can get help with my workout routine, I will do it.  I must warn you though that you should read all the labels of any supplements that you take to make sure that you understand its effects and side-effects.  The way to a healthier you is by making sure you are moving constantly and not keeping yourself stagnant.

I am back on track now after letting go for some time and I am going to the gym three to four times a week now.  I just need more motivation to stop eating junk.  It’s one of the biggest reasons people fail.

If you can get healthy – start now.  If you smoke, quit now.  If you drink, moderate it.  There is nothing more important in this world but our health.  You can buy  everything else but not your health.  Remember that.


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