Geena Rocero Responds to La Paola. La Paola deletes posts on her FB page.

la Paola

Well guess what?  Geena Rocero responded to the accusations hurled at her by La Paola.  Geena created a post on her FB page and stated that this is the only time she will speak of the matter and that she has consulted with her lawyers to file a libel suit against La Paola for the alleged false accusations she made about money-laundering and misrepresentation.

Here’s the FB post that Geena Rocero posted on her FB page:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.47.20 PM

Here’s the FB post in case it’s hard for you to read the text on the image above:

“I wanted to clarify the rumors I am being accused of.

Paola ISABELLA Rocha Tornito (La Paola) introduced me to Isabel Garcia. I met Isabel Garcia because she is “anak anakan” of Paola. Paola was her mentor. When they had a falling out, La Paola wanted to implicate me in their fight. I refused to be involved.

I met Isabel Garcia through La Paola. Isabel Garcia and I are not best friends. The picture La Paola is circulating doesn’t prove anything. It is being used by La Paola to support her fabricated stories against me.

I haven’t seen Isabel Garcia in so many years. I have absolutely nothing to do with the corruption issue of the Garcia family. I am not complicit to whatever crime they may have committed.

I have committed mistakes in the past and even now, but I have not committed the crime of money laundering that La Paola is accusing me of.

I am now in the process of filing a libel case against Paola. This is the last you will hear from me regarding this issue.

And on the many other unsubstantiated things hurled against my person, I will not dignify them. Some of them are better left resolved personally by the people involved.

I am much more than her ill-founded perception of me. ”

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Since that post, I went back to La Paola’s page on Facebook and I found no trace of her previous posts against Geena Rocero.

What I find ironic here is that La Paola has 599 followers on her FB page.  Geena has 17,902 followers.  Hmmm. Something’s fishy don’t you think?  Miss Geena Rocero presented a Trailblazers Award to Dennis and Judy Shepard (parent’s of teen Matthew Shepard who was murdered in 1998) on Logo TV.

In any case, let’s hope that the issue between Geena Rocero and La Paola has been resolved behind closed doors.  At least, I think – that’s the decent thing to do.




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