Growing up… The lesson learned by Clentay Ewing…


It warms my heart when I realize that people do change.   The change may come today, tomorrow, or 10 – 20 years from now, but we are all capable of change.  When changing for the better, there’s no time limit.

I was surprised to have received an email from someone by the name of  This was left as a comment on my blog, asking for forgiveness for the comments made to me back in 2008.  To be honest, I had already forgotten about this post until the comment was left on my blog.  It was left back in May of 2016.  I have not been receiving emails through the feedback page of my blog so I was not aware of this message until I started looking today.


Kung maa-alala ninyo ang blog post na ito. I had to search for it to find out what blog post she was asking to be removed.

Heres’s the original blog post back in 2008.  Remember, once online, it will live online forever.

Read the POST.

Madali akong kausap, lalo’t ng humihingi ng kaayusan ng mabuti.  Clentay admitted that she or he was wrong and have expressed regret for the comments made to me back then.

Clentay, I want you to know that I accept your forgiveness.  Natutuwa ako at mayroon kang natutunan sa mga pangyayari.  I will not remove the post but instead leave it for people to see that people can change for the better.  Tulad mo, may natutunan din ako sa buhay ko.  May mga nakaraan tayo na hindi na representante ng buhay natin ngayon.  Kailangan ay mapagpatawad tayo upang katawaran din tayo.

Salamat sa paghingi mo ng abiso.

Yun lang pow.



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