Guten morgen! A trip to Germany and Austria. Eat, Pray, Love.


Hello mga ka-chika!!   Ang tagal ko ng hindi nag-ba-blog!  There are a few reasons why and I am not going to get into it but I have to say that being in-between jobs, I had been the busiest I had ever been.  I had to take care of things I never really had time to take care of while I was employed.  So, kahit na off, busy pa rin.

Recently, my mind has been wandering a lot.  I am as confused as I had ever been and by now, I probably should be used to it because I have always been like this.  I don’t know what the next step I should take in life and even though I am presented with opportunities to really understand what I am supposed to do, I always choose to ignore it.

I came out of retirement two months ago and decided that it is time to work again.  Technically, I could stay unemployed until next year and I could really take my time to find another job but I was afraid that I won’t find one.  I decided to apply for jobs a month after I took early retirement and I have had interviews and so forth but nothing really came out of it.

Then, one day, a recruiter called.  The same recruiter had called me a year earlier and asked if I wanted to take an opportunity with the firm that he’s working with.  At that time, I was not ready and besides, the position that I held is something that I thought would be something I wanted to do away with.  Being a PM is stressful and I really didn’t want to stay as PM anymore.  But, this time, I needed a job.  He described the job and sent me the link to the company for review.  I really liked the job and it is the part that I really enjoyed being a PM.  I took a chance.

At the same time, a friend of mine wanted me to work at his company as well.  So he invited me for an interview and so I did.  Both interviews went the same route.  I had to interview with several people and was told that they liked what they saw and will call me should anything come of it.

I waited.  It has been two weeks since I had interviewed on the one job, and almost a month on the other one where a friend offered me an interview.  By this time, I didn’t know if I will ever find another job.  I was about to take my pre-planned vacation the year before and I still have not heard anything.

As I was traveling, one of our stops would be Prague, Czech Republic.  The home of the world-famous Infant of Prague.  Santo Niño for us Filipinos.  Before I left for Prague, my choir director (yes, I sing in a church choir) gave me a crash novena to the Infant of Prague.  She knew that I had been trying to find a job and she told me to pray the powerful novena for 9 consecutive hours.  I was neither skeptic or taken by surprise but I decided that I will pray the crash novena in Prague.

Sa tapat ng Our Lady Victorious Church sa Prague is a Filipino-Asian Market.  I didn’t even realize that it was the church that houses the Infant of Prague.  We spoke with the owner (a Czech national) who is married to a Filipina.  We asked him how we could get to the Infant of Prague Church.  He told us,  “Cross the street.  And the church is right there!”  To our amazement, the church is actually there – within walking distance from where we were staying.  Unfortunately, when we crossed the street, we found out that the church just closed.  We opted to return another day to pay our respects.

The next day, we decided to visit.  You can see the details of the visit on this post.

That morning, I started my novena and made sure that my iPhone’s alarm was set up to ring every hour on the hour so I can complete the novena.  My friends who were with me even reminds me at times and leaves me alone for a few minutes while I say my novena each time the alarm goes off.  To my surprise, I finished it and I was glad.

Remember, I haven’t heard back from both interviews for a while.  The very next day, I received an offer from one.  Since I received one offer, I sent an email to the other party to see if they are also going to make an offer as I need to make a decision.  Within hours, I received the second offer.  All within a day after my crash novena.  Coincidence?  You decide.

This was a start of the journey to Ulm, Germany that I will tell you on my next posts.  The main reason why I believe my prayer was granted.

Until next time…



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