Having a bad day? Meet Zach Sobiech. “Clouds” (VIDEO)


It’s been a tough two weeks.  Watching images on television regarding the devastation that occurred in the Philippines due to the super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) is hard enough, let alone see another video that would make you cry your eyes out – again.

Well, that didn’t stop me.  I saw this video on my Facebook feed and wondered if I should watch it or not.  I was reluctant until I started watching Zach Sobiec, a 17-year old kid diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer and given only six months to live.  His infinite smile was contagious and his outlook on life, as short as it may have been, was amazing!  The video gave me a sense of hope and a sense of being.  This is how I should strive to live my life.  It’s really not about the little things in life that will make this life.  It is our attitude towards it.

Watch the video and if you feel compelled, please make a donation of any amount to find a cure for this type of cancer.   The video was shared by SoulPancakes and has garnered over 10 million views and continue to gain more views and comments daily.  Watch it till the end – that’s where the most special part of this video resides.


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