He admitted it! #MHL #MyHusbandsLover


I would have to say kudos to GMA 7 writers for this piece of a gem.  I was addicted to ABS-CBN’s Walang Hanggan but My Husband’s Lover is beyond that.  Yes, Kuh Ledesma may not be the new Dona Margaret but she can pull as much punches as the clueless mother-in-law in #MHL.

Why do I think the show has garnered interest as much as it has?

First, the selection of actors are la creme de la creme.  Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo are a gay match made in heaven.  The macho but compassionate attitude of Vincent and the slightly effeminate nature of Eric is perfect.  They mesh together.  The acting prowess of Carla Abellana as Lally is spectacular.  Her expressions, her movements – superb.  Imagine her facial expressions when she’s trying to control herself from spilling the secret of her husband to his parents.  PRICELESS.

Then, there’s the addition of Kimpee De Leon which gave the show a much deeper twist.

The story line dwells in and around the story of being gay.  How does it feel to be gay growing up?  What do we think about when we’re starting to discover that we’re different from anybody else?  Do we hide it and conform to society or do we go against the grain and admit our difference with pride?

The Filipino culture, being a predominantly Catholic country, makes it difficult for gays to come out of the closet.  We are taught from the beginning that homosexuality is wrong.  The church has a lot of influence in the daily lives of Filipinos and somehow, that in itself is distressing.  Many individuals find themselves hiding under the mantle of marriage or the priesthood.  Why?  Because marriage and clergy are acceptable mediums where one can hide.

But this show is opening up the much-deeply-hidden subject in the country.  I know of relatives, friends and acquaintances who are gay but are married and / or in the clergy.  We all know that they are gay but they have managed to create a life based on a lie.  Yet, as they say, what ever is hidden will be brought to the light.  Nothing can be hidden forever.

In Vincent’s case, the truth came a little too late.  Many people will hurt.  Many people will be affected.  But when is the right time to come out?

The show is doing great things for the minds of our youth in the Philippines.  It’s showing them that they are not struggling alone.  That someone, somewhere, feels isolated as they feel.  And that one thing is absolutely true:  THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

Congratulations GMA 7 for a job well done.  Keep going!


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