How to create your Year in Review for 2016 on Facebook.

Most of us love to look back at the kind of year we had.  Memories made, new acquaintances, happy moments and not-so-happy moments.  These are things that make up who we have become and it is nice to spend some time cherishing what we encountered in the past.

At the end of every year, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Flipagram, gives us a way to press a single button and create the memories we had for the year.  Lately however, it has become more and more difficult to find the apps that create these memories.  Sometimes, you have to use Google to assist so you can find the best app to do this for you.

Thanks to your Google search, because Google brought you here.

There are several ways you can create your memories for the year.  Have you heard of My Social Book?  Yes!  It’s like a photo book created with selected posts from your social media apps.  It is organized chronologically so you can take a look back at your year in order.  You can preview, adjust the content and cover, and choose whether you like hard-cover, soft-cover or silky or matted pages.  I tried mine and it is awesome!  You have to connect it to your social media account so it can gather the content and create it for your.  You can also choose the date range.  I would suggest creating 6 months each because each book has a limit of 500 pages.  Two books can cost up to 250.00USD but right now, a sale is going on and you can get both books for approximately 150.00USD.  Not bad.  It contains not only photos but your posts and comments as well.

Check it out here.

But, if you’d like something that is immediately available online, you may want to opt for an easier way to give you a glimpse of your past year in social media.

If you want to create My Year in Review, go here.

Have a Happy New Year folks!



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