“I am a woman.” Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender. (FULL VIDEO)

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We’ve heard the rumors. We’ve speculated.  Now, it was time for the “World’s Greatest Athlete” to speak his truth.  Bruce Jenner, in an interview with award-winning journalist, Diane Sawyer, came out as transgender.

Sexuality is a very complicated matter that none of us can fully say that we understand it all.  I’ve known people in my life who identify as transgender and although I don’t fully understand it, I can identify with them because I know that they had the same struggles like I did while I was trying to figure out my own sexual identity.

To hear Bruce Jenner speak his truth was amazing.  Diane Sawyer did a fantastic job .  The interview was not exploitative.  It was an eye-opening moment and as Bruce mentioned during the interview, “we will change the world”. Somehow, I believe that.  If only 8% of the population know of someone who is transgender today, this will open up a whole new spectrum about sexuality that has not been discussed openly.

Instantly, overnight, Bruce Jenner was trending on social media worldwide.  There’s a lot of interest in the subject and people want to understand.  Bruce Jenner has done something that will benefit a lot of young transgendered people who are going through the same struggle.  His coming out was brave and daring.

With the TED speech that was given by transgender Filipina model, Geena Rocero which also became viral, it is timely now that the subject be openly discussed to address any misunderstanding or ignorance about it.  Ignorance and misunderstanding can spark hatred and unless people understand and are educated about the subject, it will remain a mystery.  The reality show that Bruce Jenner is about to star in will be historic.

If you want to watch the full video of the interview, head over to ABC’s website.

In the meantime, you can watch the video that became viral about a Filipina model who came out as transgender in her TED speech.


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