I want: Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch (PHOTOS)


Engadget published photos of what seemed to be the prototype for the new Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch.  It’s very hip if you ask me and I may want it for myself when it does come out.  The underlying question would be the camera within the watch.  It could be a dangerous thing to arm someone with a camera (almost like a spy camera) and record the wrong things for the world to see. But hey, to each his own.

Since I am an Apple slave, I will probably look at what Apple has to offer before I run to the store and buy a Galaxy Gear.  Many of my friends have switched to Android phones but I remain an iPhone loyalist.  I own an iPad, a Mac Book Pro and iPods.  Why change now?  I am looking to purchase AppleTV as well.

So, let us look at the competition shall we?

Here are the prototypes of Apple’s iWatch:



f47dd86baa3a7d25c96045d36a6584bbMuch sleeker in design right?  Apparently, this competition already happened once.  Take a look:



The Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Gear is priced at $299 and will come in six variant colors to be released on September 25, 2013.


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