In Case You Missed It: Bailey May (VIRAL VIDEO)


 I predict that the star of this viral video will someday become a big star.

I saw the video of a Filipino/British Bailey May singing Beautiful Girl.  It was a viral video going around social networks in the last three weeks. Bailey May is only 12-years old and had already captured the hearts of many girl fans all over the world after his video posted on March 7th on Facebook went viral.   His video quickly caught the eyes of a few Filipino celebs including Miss Toni Gonzaga who shared a link of the video on her Facebook account.

The phrase “We Love You Bailey May” quickly trended worldwide on March 28, 2015 at the number 10 spot, earning Bailey more fans.  HIs Facebook Fan page now has over 160K likes.







What’s so special with Bailey? Well,  he knows how to interact with his fans.  He has already posted videos (using his uber cute British accent) to thank her fans.  He makes individual videos for fans who request that he mentions their name.  I can hear these girls screaming right about now!

An avid soccer player, Bailey knows how to sing and dance and have posted more videos since the viral “Beautiful Girls” video.  Here are some of them.

Beautiful Girl

Little Things by One Direction

If you want to see more, please head over to his Facebook Page and give it a like.  And follow him on Twitter through his official account here.

To Bailey May – – Goodluck.  You’re a shining star!  (Don’t forget your studies though!)



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