Is Oprah Winfrey desperate for ratings? Under fire for asking Nielsen box owners to watch OWN.

Oprah Winfrey got into some hot water for tweeting the following on Sunday during the Grammy’s:

“Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box,

Then, she subsequently tweeted:

“Commercial Grammy people..u can turn to OWN.”

Those tweets created a firestorm and backlash among Tweeters labeling the talk show queen as “begging for viewers” and “desperate” (for ratings).

She defended herself afterwards and eventually deleted the tweet.

It’s not a secret that OWN is struggling to obtain regular viewers and even with her return as Oprah on Oprah: The Next Chapter, the ratings haven’t really ensued.

Oprah ended up apologizing saying:

“I removed the tweet at the request of Nielsen. I intended no harm and apologize for the reference.”



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