Is there money left in blogging?

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I have been blogging for more than 8 years now.  I started in 2007 and still going.  Most of my blogger friends have either dropped off the blogging world completely or blog occasionally like I do.

When we all started, there was a lot of money in blogging.  Bloggers ruled the web.  And believe me, today, bloggers are still important.  They still command what goes viral and what doesn’t.  Advertisers are still keen on using blogs as an advertising medium simply because many of us still have a great following.

The Pinoy bloggers that we started with are still alive and well.  Many of them are probably making money as we speak.  There is a difference between blogging as a general blog like mine and blogging as a niche blog like others.  The money you make depends on the niche you capture.  Bryanboy captured the fashion world niche and that’s what made him successful.  Starmometer captured the celebrity gossip space just like Perez Hilton did.

I must say though that since Facebook, blogging has become less of an income-making opportunity.  If you have a niche and you capture it, I would say that you can still make money. Vlogging had become the wave of the money-making business.  It can provide some great opportunities as well as long as you don’t mind being in the public eye.

I have been accustomed to being recognized (at least by Filipinos) but even that has dwindled now that I switched my blog to being a personal blog rather than a celebrity blog like it used to be.  I am content though.  I am not making the money I was making before but I get to write what’s on my mind.  There are times when I have no one to speak with about how I am feeling and needed an outlet… I use my blog for that.  Writing down your thoughts can be very therapeutic.  That’s what this blog has become for me.

So, if you ask me if there’s money left in blogging, I would say yes.  If you have a specific interest, be it fashion, gossip, health and fitness or anything that excites you – go for it.  It can make you a good source of income.  But, if you opt to have a personal blog instead, I would say there is no money in it. Either you have the wit and humor in your writing to gain a good following or you end up one of those blogs that got started and never continued – hanging out there as a blog with a post from a few years back and never updated.

It’s the weekend after all.  It’s time for me to unwind.  I am meeting a friend whom I met during a cruise in 2010.  He is in town and we will be meeting for drinks.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

There IS and IS NO money in blogging.  That’s the answer.




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