Justin Utley. Who is he?

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Eons ago, I received an email from the publicist / agent of Justin Utley, asking me if I wanted to feature this talent of a man, a multi-awarded singer/songwriter, whose life is an inspiration to LGBT folks (And he’s cute too!).  His publicist noticed that I blog about Human Rights and Equality so he thought it would be good for me to interview Justin.  I was going to school at that time and handling a very big and high-profile project at work so I didn’t really have the time to sit down or call Justin for an interview.

I decided, after much prompting from his publicist back then that I would send a questionnaire for Justin to answer and I will post it on my blog as an “exclusive” if you want to call it that.  I sent the questionnaire but I never heard from his publicist again. I never got to feature Justin Utley on my blog.

While I was asked back then to feature someone who was unknown to me at the time, I googled him and my research showed some astonishing results about him.  He was an ex-Mormon who was born and raised in Utah. I was impressed about his activism and his vocal actions about inequality and conversion therapy by the LDS Church that he endured for two years after confessing to his bishop that he is gay. .   So, I liked his page on Facebook and from time-to-time, I would glance at what he has to say and figure out what song he’s working on next.

I recently saw this video posted on his Facebook page and was really taken aback about what he had to go through while growing up and as an adult, living inside a closet due to his “religion”.  In the video below, he will tell you what he went through and why we need equality (equal opportunity) for those who live in Utah.



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