Lone Filipino Winter Olympian: Michael Christian Martinez to compete this week.


Who would have thought that we will have a representation at the Winter Olympics once again after 22 years?  To top it off, it’s in the Men’ Ice Figure Skating category?  That in itself is already amazing.

Now, let me ask you this.  Would you believe that Michael Christian Martinez didn’t even receive any financial support from the Philippine government?   It was said that his mother reached out to President Benigno Aquino Jr. to request for assistance but was left unaided.  How sad!  They had to mortgage their home so that they can fulfill their son’s dreams, and they’re not even sure if it their investment will pay off.

Michael is scheduled to compete this week and I don’t know if you watched the opening ceremonies but my friends and I were at a bar, watching it.  When the Philippines came up – we cheered like you’ve never seen us before.  It is with great pride and honor to see a representative from the Philippines.

The 17-year old Olympian took up ice skating as therapy to asthma.  He tried all sorts of sports but had to give up because it didn’t help him.  When he started ice skating at the age of 8-years old, he noticed the improvement in his health – and the rest was history.

Now he’s here.  Let’s support him with everything that we can. Let’s hope he brings home the gold!

michael martinez


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