My Husband’s Lover is ending on Sept. 27. Tragic ending? #MyHusbandsLoverDay69

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I have been watching GMA 7’s hit teleserye, My Husband’s Lover for the past couple of months.  It is one of the best teleseryes I have ever seen that touches on the lives of homosexuals in a way that it presents the real issues faced by people who are different, whose only difference is the gender of the person they love.

For centuries, the discussion about gays in the Philippines have been swept under the rug.  A Catholic country that we are, many find it hard to come out and accept their sexuality because of the stigma placed on us by the church.  I am surprised that I find friends of mine from high school who I can absolutely tell you are gay but are now married with children.  They’ve completely accepted the fact that it would be best for them to conform to society’s demands rather than being true to themselves.

I am not judging.  Each one of us has a way of dealing with our issues.  I have just witnessed too many adolescents who, because of bullying and society’s view of homosexuals, have resorted to drugs, prostitution, and more tragically suicide.    It is a conversation that needs to happen.  We can no longer hide the fact that suicide among LGBTQ teens and young adults are generally higher overall.   The episode today touches on the subject and it is something that is serious.

I personally know a friend who tried to commit suicide because he couldn’t admit to his family that he is gay.  It took that event for him to be able to come out and be accepted by his family.  What if the attempt succeeded?  Does it have to get that far before we realize that homosexuals are part of a normal society?

If you are a parent, a brother, a sister, a grandfather or a friend of someone whom you believe may be homosexual, are you ready to accept them as they are?  Think about it.  The statistic about gay teen suicides is staggering.  And more importantly, anti-gay bullying is on the rise.  Would you rather be properly informed about sexuality of be ignorant and react to homosexuals differently because that is how you were taught?

The show, My Husband’s Lover touched on key points about discussing one’s homosexuality.  It related that homosexuality is:

  1. Normal.
  2. Not a mental disease.
  3. An acceptable form of sexuality.

Sadly,  many homosexual teens still resort to suicide simply because their emotions are far more powerful during that time than knowledge.  That is why The Trevor Project and It Gets Better Project exists.  It is there to let teens know that life does get better even if you are bullied because you are gay.   I, for one, can attest that life does get better.  As you grow older and wiser, you realize that the people who tease you today may someday understand that they are wrong.  They will come to you one day and apologize.  When they go through life, they will learn that being a homosexual is not a bad thing.

I am hoping that the ending of this television series is not tragic.  Most Filipino-produced or directed gay indie films I’ve seen always had a tragic ending.  I have only seen one which ended beautifully and that was “Pusong Mamon” which starred Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, and Eric Quizon. We need more films and television shows that are like that.  We need to show that gays are normal, everyday people that you meet, eat lunch with, go to clubs with, work and go to school with.  We are normal people.  And like any other normal people, we are here to stay.


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