My new fave: Hey Joe Show on Youtube!

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Na-in love naman ako!

These young Americans speaking Cebuano *(BISAYA) are simply adorable.  They just don’t speak the language, the body language makes their speech much more authentic and it’s how funny they can make a joke as if Bisaya is their first language.

What makes it more adorable is that they look and sound like a typical “pinoy barkada” who joke around with each other and having fun as much as they want.

The video actually made me homesick.  I remember now how much fun it was to live in the Philippines and share the same things that these guys are sharing with each other. Friendship and fun!

I already love them so I subscribed to their Youtube Channel.  If you fall in love a the end of the video, you may subscribe as well by clicking here.

Here’s the full video with almost half a million views on Youtube:

Try to know their names now. Soon, their names will be household names.

Just a prediction.



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