Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal – a treasure indeed!


We were always eating out while in Montreal. The one place we went to was on a walking distance from where we were staying. It’s called Est Asie (at first I thought they told me we’re eating out at Ecstacy… ) and the food was good, a bit pricy for Asian Cuisine but hey – you’re at the heart of St. Catherine so don’t expect any less. I will post pictures of our food later.


More Pictures after the JUMP

Pero before that, ang mga ditse ninyo ay nag-sightseeing muna. We went to the Notre-Dame Basilica, now famous and well known as “where Celine Dion was married”. The Basilica is so beautiful and the following pictures are not going to do it much justice. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate the intricate architecture and detailed display of “baroque” design.


Shempre, bayad ka muna no?! Wala ng libre sa mundong ito. Kahit simbahan may bayad na rin. Pero oks lang, it’s for the upkeep din yun diba?




Si Coletchina, Monay at ang kaibigan naming maputla.


Ayan ang main altar. Ang tarush niyan mga ghels and gheys!!

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge…


notre_dame5.JPG notre_dame6.JPGnotre_dame25.JPG


Ayan, nagtirik na ng kandila. Hindi namin alam, may sakuna pala later na siguro nailigtas kami ng pagtirik namin ng kandila. Watch out for my next post.


Aba si Monay, nagtirik din ng kandila. I wonder why? Hmmm – I’ll tell you all later. Grabe – AS IN!! Abangan ang next posting.




notre_dame15.JPG notre_dame16.JPG




Well mga readers, I hope you enjoyed our post. Sana mapuntahan ninyo kung hindi pa kayo nakakapunta. At kung napuntahan na ninyo, I’m sure you felt the same way we did. It was a beautiful church and it is a must-see while you’re in Montreal.

Until next post (hindi pa tapos mga ghels and gheys!! Meron pa – – mas madugo! Hahaha!!)


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