#OccupyKrisHumphries – Chuva Hotness #36 – Almost single Kris Humphries

See, if you were Kim Kardashian – you would wanna tap that guy too!  LOL!

Kris Humphries is hot.  Not only because he resembles my favorite Twilight character (and actor) Taylor Lautner but because of his build.  An NBA star, athletic, tall and just pure good looks – I wanted Kris Humphries.  But, Kim snatched him away from me before I could pronounce Kardashian Kollection!

But now that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from the NBA star yesterday, Kris Humphries, who according to TMZ was “bummed” by the news that Kim had filed for divorce – will soon be single and up for grabs.

What better way to change my last name to Humphries on my Facebook account so that I could get his attention. LOL!  Hey, I will be willing to move to Minnesota!  Kim didn’t.  Beh!

Here are photos of Kris Humphries.  Damn.  I wish I could find more shirtless photos of him.



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