I wasn’t sure how my first experience was going to be when I found ODesk.

My blog (this one – I have several other blogs) needed a makeover.  I was really tired of my old theme and wanted a fresh look on my blog.  I had the new theme in mind but it was more complicated for my technical abilities.  I had blogger friends who used to help me out before but each of us have gone on our separate ways and to be honest, life just happened.  Nothing really pulled us apart.  Life just became so busy.

So, in my desperation – I checked online to see if I can find experienced WordPress users who can assist me in making my blog over to something new, something more personal.

I came upon ODesk.  It’s a website where free lance developers are waiting for jobs to work on.  They list themselves there either to be available for extra cash on the side or doing freelance work full time.

I posted a job about my blog make over plans and literally, within minutes – I had applicants out the wazoo – vying for the job to help me re-create the look and feel of my blog.  I had the chance to interact with them, find out what their expertise were, and haggle the best rate that I believe would be agreeable to them and me.

It was a success.  I found a guy who did a great job and my blog looks great as it is today because of him.  You can opt for an hourly rate or a flat fee to have anything done.  My first experience with hiring someone through ODesk paid off and I was happy.

Yesterday, I noticed one of my blogs (Starz Trax) was not rendering properly.  I tried to disable the plugins, I tried removing ads, but to no avail.  I had no choice but to go to ODesk and ask if someone could help me fix my problem.

Again, as soon as I posted the job – 18 people replied – and I chose a cool guy from Canada to help me troubleshoot and fix the issue. He was on it like fly on honey.  I haven’t even hired him yet and he was willing to help me.  I offered him a flat fee and he obliged.  He fixed my blog within minutes.

If you are not tech-savvy and need help in fixing or creating a blog – go to ODesk and hire someone.  It’s amazing what work you can get done by people whom you haven’t even met.  Just make sure that you check their references, their recommendations and past experiences.   My second experience with ODesk was exceptional and that is why I am blogging about it.

Just saying.


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