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During my early days as a blogger (2006-2007), we were still trying to navigate our way around the blogosphere.  I had a few blogger friends which included Reyna Elena, Pinoy Ambisyoso, Lukaret, Quotes in Can, Diwatang Byaning, Heyokity, Chuvaness, and Bluepanjeet.  We were in search of the gold standard in blogging.  What would make or break a blog?

Well, that depends.  First, as a blogger,  you are in search for traffic.  Yes.  Traffic.  You want people to visit your site and if you’re lucky enough, you will find the traffic that your blog needs once you find your niche.  In my case, I owe it to the break up of Ruffa Guttierez and her Turkish husband Ylmaz Bektas.  People learned about my blog when that scandal hit the blogosphere.  Then came the rise and fall of the infamous Chika Time blog and the Brian Gorrell slash DJ Montano scamming issue.  Those were the golden days for traffic on my blog.  From a personal blog, my blog turned into a celebrity blog because of these scandals.

Then, there is one other factor that was highly-coveted by bloggers all over the world.  It’s called a PageRank.  If you don’t know what a PageRank is, you can read more about it here.

The PageRank rating can vary from month to month.  It also varies if and when Google decides to change the algorithm used to rank your blog.  You can have a PR 3 on a good month and a PR 0 on a bad month.  I’ve gone up to a PR 5 rating and as low as a PR 0 rating in a span of a few months.

It has been years since I’ve checked my blog’s PageRank.  (I used to check it all the time and when I saw that my blog’s PageRank rating has been zero for the past three years, I stopped checking.

I had my blog redesigned recently.  I thought that the old template was too confusing (although I had more pageviews using the old template than this template) and unappealing at best.  Soon after my blog was redesigned and it went live, I checked my sitemeter stats and I found a lot of visits from googlebot.  I thought that was kind of strange.  Within three days after my new template went live, I decided to check my PageRank rating.  Remember, it has been PR 0 for the last three years.  To my surprise, my blog is back with a PageRank of 3!   I was floored!

I found that if you have a high PageRank and you run Google Adsense on your site, your income from Adsense goes up as well.  I don’t run Adsense on this blog anymore (it was taken off by Google) but it was still refreshing to see that my ranking has gone back to PR 3.  YAY!

I don’t know if it matters anymore these days.  The days of talking about Google PageRank are over.  We don’t see many blogs talking about it so it must not make a difference.  I was just thrilled to see my blog with a rating again and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

That’s all.




  1. Jays Alvarez December 27, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Congratulations!!!! :o)

  2. chuva December 28, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Thanks Jay!

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