Pagod ka na rin ba? Duterte, his words and retractions. What’s up with that?

I have been trying to stay away from commenting on posts about President Duterte’s rants on Facebook or any social media.  I am not in the Phlippines and I don’t know the real situation there.  But the media has a different motive.  They have to spread what makes news.  Kaya everytime President Duterte does, nasa news because they know that they have something juicy to report about.  Bakit?  Dahil news-grabbing and controversial.  May agenda ang pangulo natin pero it is unclear.  He is still very popular among Filipinos  in the country.  However, a shift is happening to Filipinos outside of the country.  From outside, looking in natatakot kami – this could put the Philippines in a situation where all the economic gains during the Aquino Administration could be undone.

Sabi nga ng isang analyst: “This massive geopolitical shift is entirely Duterte’s doing. It cannot be explained any other way. It is a product of his peculiar psychology,” said the report, adding he seems to match Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership style.” – Source

I am not an expert on politics kaya hindi ako puwedeng mag bida-bida.  But for a regular person like me, a president who is the representative of a sovereign country should not be speaking this way.  Para ko ng nakikita sa kanya ang leader ng North Korea na si Kim Jung-Un.  Nagugulat na lang ako sa mga sinasabi niya.  He’s on the world stage na.  Bakit parang hindi siya presidente kung magsalita?  He’s very loose on his words.  Tapos, he retracts what he says or he claims that it was pure hyperbole.  SMH!  Talaga bang titiwalag na tayo sa relationship natin sa Estados Unidos?

Yan ngayon kasi ang ikinatatakot namin dito sa Amerika.  Narinig na ba ninyong magsalita si Donalt Trump?  Parang hindi siya nominee for president.  It scares a lot of Americans dahil para rin siyang loose canon kung magsalita.  The world is very fragile with all the conflicts going on in different areas.  Hindi dapat padaskol-daskol sa pananalita.  He speaks of nuclear war like it is nothing.  He says things that are offensive and provocative.  Kaya nga ipinaglalaban namin na huwag siyang manalo sa eleksiyon.

Yes, there are things that U.S. probably did or did not do to the Philippines which prompted Duterte’s furor.  There are other ways to resolve it.  Hindi ganito.   Kaya ngayon, kahit nakikita ko yung mga improvements na nangyari at nagawa ni Duterte sa bansa on his first 100 days, parang nababale-wala ko tuloy.  I don’t know.  Are his moves strategic?  Again, I am not a political analyst and don’t know much about politics as a whole.  I don’t know.  What does this shift mean to the Filipino people?

I can only hope and pray that President Duterte knows what he is doing.  I, for one cannot say that I am 100% behind him anymore.  I was really excited for the change to come but I didn’t know that this was the change that we are facing.

Okay – wala ng laglag bala, malinis  na ang mga kalye sa atin, maraming drug addicts at pushers na sumurender, nagkaroon na tayo ng one-stop-shop for OFWs to process their papers.  All of these are well and good pero bakit kailangang guluhin ang mga alliances natin?  Can someone explain that please?

Kudos dahil malaki pa rin ang suporta sa kanya ng mga mamamayan.  But I am questioning his motives now.  What is his plan for the Philippines?  Aligning the country with China and Russia?  Are we moving towards communism?

Kung may opinion po kayo, I’d like to hear.  I’m all ears.

Dahil according to CNN – – heto daw ang nangyari. 



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