Plans for 2018. Travel. Travel. And travel some more.

2017 became a big travel year for me.  Sorry for my late posts and/or lack thereof. It has been a very busy time with my trips to Montreal (three times last year), cruise to Bermuda, trips to Brazil, Portugal, Germany,  and quick weekend getaways in Florida and New York.  Traveling isn’t so easy if you live alone and you have a pet.  Thank goodness to friends who helped out and of course, my multiple rentals at the local pets hotel.

This year is not going to be any different.  Travel is picking up at work so I am certain that I will be traveling more locally.  At the same time, I have plans to visit certain countries this year including Israel, Peru and Costa Rica (God-willing).   These are on top of my trips that are already being planned for Brazil with friends and Italy for my niece’s wedding. Montreal is already a given.  I am already set to go next week. 🙂

How am I planning all of these trips?  To start, I am thankful that I work for a European company who is generous with vacation days.  I have more vacation days and holidays than a regular US company would grant.  Yet it still seems to be insufficient.  I have to be a little creative when scheduling it around work schedules though.  I work for a software development company and at times, multiple go-live dates coincide within weeks or days from each other.

With the New Year comes new goals and challenges as well.  I quit smoking four days ago and I have been going to the gym regularly since.  Another resolution is to lose  25 pounds or more.  I am committed to that so I need to focus.  Having goals become a challenge as well when you travel a lot.  Keeping up with my work out is a must if I need to attain my goal for the year.

Another goal this year is to keep everything in a positive light.  No more petty quarrels with friends and family.  Life is too short for that.  Keep the peace and make peace with whomever I had disagreements with.

To start off, I am still going to keep the goals I set in my previous post –

  • I plan to organize
  • I need to re-focus my life
  • I need to lose weight
  • I need to get rid of clutter

I am selling most of my stuff or giving them away to charity.  It’s a start to getting organized and reducing clutter.  I already got rid of my iPhone 7+ today by selling it through eBay.  I still have many items sitting around collecting dust.  If you want to follow my listings, you can visit this link.

Items include a Go Pro set complete with Go Pro stick (hardly used as it is still in the original box), iPads, Wireless Speakers and many others.  Help me reduce my clutter.  🙂

Let’s start the New Year right by me wishing you all a blessed and prosperous New Year!  Mega Millions is up to $450 million and Powerball is up to $570 million.  Buy that ticket.  You just never know.  It could be your lucky day.

Until next time!!



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