Podcast 17 – Trending Topics – May 8, 2015



My last podcast was from Jun 2012.  It has been three long years.  I have ben talking with Ham Viloria,  a dear friend from the Philippines, who was actually the one who created our banner shown above and we’ve been saying that we have to revive TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show.   Kaso lang, super-busy ang perpetual student na si Chuva kaya walang time

Lately though, dahil malapit ng mag-graduate and inyong lingkod, nag ka ka time na ulit.

I decided to make a change in the format of my podcasts.  It will be published weekly in increments of 15 minutes each time. Study says that 15 minutes is about how long our attention span can understand at a time kaya let’s keep it short.  I also took out the background music and enhanced the audio a little bit.  I’m still no expert so please bear with me – pero, it’s a start of my podcasts’ comeback.  We’re going to touch on hot, trending topics weekly.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk about Anabelle Rama, Sarah Geronimo, Pac Man, Mayweather and El Gamma Penumbra’s journey on Asia’s Got Talent.

Listen to our comeback podcast:

If your device does not support Adobe, you may listen to the podcast HERE.



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