Pope Francis and my Trip to the Philippines. #PopeFrancisPH


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It had been some time since I traveled back to my homeland, the Philippines.  The last time I was there, it was sometime in 2009 I believe when I celebrated my birthday in Boracay Island with a few friends.  This time, it was supposed to be a trip for many of us coming from the U.S. and spending some time in Coron, Palawan, Bohol, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.  The plan started early last year after they had a successful vacation around Christmas holidays the year before.  As time went on though, people started dropping off from the plan and it ended up with only two of us left who were booked and waiting on each other to cancel our flights.

Sherwin was going to cancel his flight until he found out that I hadn’t cancelled mine.  He decided to push through with our schedule but a shortened one due to his new job.  His partner Brian, was more excited than the two of us because he is very fond of Davao.  Suffice it to say, I had already made plans to reunite with my college classmates and they’ve already set the date so I couldn’t back out anymore.  Sherwin decided to go with me anyway even for a short while because he was the one who invited me to Davao.  I was glad that he didn’t cancel his plan.

In the planning stages, we realized the Pope Francis will be arriving while I was still in Manila and that excited me even more.  I have a lot of respect for our new pontiff – he is the Pope of the People.  He advocates for the poorest of the poor and I love that about him.  And if you must know, I almost became a Franciscan in my time so you know how close to my heart St. Francis of Assisi is.  Pope Francis took his namesake and have since proven that the name he chose is more than appropriate with his actions.

With my college reunion coupled up with the Pope’s visit to the Philippines, there was no turning back.  Even though history says that I never take vacation this early in the year, I decided to go ahead with it for those reasons.  I was beyond surprised with the events that happened when I got to the Philippines and how pleasant this trip had been for me.

I will be posting photos and stories about this trip in the next few days.  I just need to catch up on sleep and a few homework assignments as well that were due while I was out.

Watch out for my posts in the next few days and photos that I’m sure you will enjoy!



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