Pres. Obama nominates Anderson Cooper as new Ambassador to the Philippines. (FALSE)


Sorry folks if I have been blogging about Anderson Cooper a little bit too much lately.  He has recently become one of my heroes after his accurate and poignant reporting about the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and the situation in the damaged area of Tacloban, Philippines.   He was among the first journalists to have arrived and reported on the current situation at the site.

As I was looking for the video essay that was posted about his experience with the victims in the Philippines, I saw that he has been allegedly nominated by Pres. Barack Obama to be the next Ambassador to the Philippines.   Anderson Cooper received a lot of accolades from fellow journalists and even President Noynoy Aquino himself for his truthful and honest reporting while reporting from Tacloban.    I was glad that somebody else noticed how much of his heart poured out for the victims of this horrible calamity.  Yet, in looking further, it was confirmed that the report is not only false but rather a result from a satirical post by Adobo Chronicle.

I’m sure that if it had been true, many Filipinos would be delighted because of the compassion he showed for the victims and his moving essay that made a lot of Filipinos worldwide treat him as an “adopted Filipino-American” journalist.

Thank you Anderson Cooper.  You will now be forever remain close to the heart of all Filipinos.

We love you!


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