President Duterte – Then and Now. #DU30 President Barack Obama is not our enemy.

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I was a supporter of President Duterte when he ran for President of the Philippines.  He represented a lot of my frustrations with the government and specially the “establishment” that seem to have remained stagnant year-after-year, elections-after-elections.  Nothing was changing enough to allow the Philippines to move forward and compete with neighboring countries.  It was the same old process and the same old government.  I had hoped for change and by that, I meant real change.  A change that I can taste and see with my own eyes.

When Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte decided to run for President, I was all for him.  I have a few friends who are true Davaoeños and I have listened to their support of the former Mayor.  Davao City was once plagued with criminals.  Robbery and theft and other crimes ruled the city.  Since Rodrigo became Mayor of the City, he vowed to clean it up.  Cleaning it up, he did.  At one point, Davao City was named as one of the safest cities in the world.  Not a bad fulfillment of a promise that he had made.

Now, he is no longer just a mayor of a small city.  He is the President of the Philippines.  I expect more from him now other than fighting criminality and eliminating drugs from our beloved country.  Part of becoming a president is behaving like one.  I agree that he is very tough on his policies and fulfilling his election promises is very important to him.  Having “Palabra de Honor” or Word of Honor is something that I believe to be one of the most important pieces in a person’s character and I admire him for that.  But right now, I am filled with embarrassment for my country and my people.  Could it really be true that the President of my country just insulted another publicly?  I must be dreaming!

It would have taken a lot for me to turn my back on President Duterte as I believe he is trying to restore peace and order to the country he and I love so dear.  He is doing what he can to make sure that the children of our great nation will have something to offer them in the future.  Yet, I believe that he is going about it the wrong way.  This is just the beginning of the six-year term that he is responsible for and I would hope that he would learn that dealing with other country leaders is much different than dealing with people from the Philippines who are of the same heritage and culture.  The Philippines needs a lot of help from outside sources and alienating them would surely make it harder for him to attain the successful future of the Philippines that he is aiming for.

Manong Digong, kung maaari lang pong makiusap – huwag naman pong padaskul-daskol sa pananalita.  I am willing to give you enough time to become acclimated to the position you now hold.  As a person, I have seen backlashes that happen to celebrities and public figures who think they are above everyone else.  It’s not a pretty ending.  So, if I could ask you now – please be mindful of your words.  Otherwise, I may have to turn my back on you someday.

Yun lang pow!



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