Rainy weather makes me think a lot. In a good way.

I love rainy days.  I love it more when I don’t have to work or go anywhere.  Staying at home under a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon is the best.  I played with Kenzo all day.  I didn’t even have to go to the gym to get my workout.  🙂

Rainy days give me the time to reflect on things.  Since I didn’t go out last night, I was up early, and I was able to go to mass for the first Saturday of the month.  It felt good.  Ang sarap palang magsimba ng maaga.  I felt the solemnity of the celebration.

Now that I have graduated from school and know that the goal I had for so long has been met, it feels like I need to add another one so I can keep moving.  Maybe take a few writing lessons?  I have always wanted to be a writer, but I can never be great at it without learning the proper techniques in writing and using proper grammar and format of course.   I usually get the feeling of “wanting to become a writer” every time I watch Sex and the City.  LOL.  Today, something else gave me the feeling.  It’s a movie entitled “RIDE” starring Helen Hunt (she aged a lot!), and Luke Wilson.   I think the movie was fantastic, I was just wondering how come I never heard of it.  It came out last year.  If I were you, watch the movie on Netflix.  I highly recommend it.

Why do I want to take up writing?  Because I love reading.  I love reading books!  Since I can remember, I would stay in the library for hours on end reading everything and anything.  I could go to a local Bookstore and time can pass me by without my noticing it.  It’s a place where I can get lost.  I want to be able to write something that could get people’s attention as much as the books that I’ve read gotten mine.

The last good book that I read was “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy.  It was the book that made me want to go to Italy.  A  good friend whom I love dearly recommended it to me.   It was so funny because two years ago, my family had a reunion in the Outer Banks in North Carolina and the house we rented had a sign at the entrance – Beach Music.  I thought it was odd.  When we got inside, on the bookshelf was the book by Pat Conroy.  It made me smile a little bit.

Winter is coming, and I am sure that I will be looking for something to do at home.  Reading is at the top of the list.   At least kung nagbabasa ako, hindi ako masasabihan na “mababaw” ni Ms. Lea Salonga di ba?  LOL!  Ayokong ma adik adik sa AlDub.  Baka masigawan ako ni Ma’m Lea.

It was rainy today, and it will be raining continuously until Tuesday because of Hurricane Joaquin, which thankfully veered off to sea instead of hitting us again here in the mid-Atlantic.  The good thing that came out of this is the arroz caldo that I made this afternoon (super sarap!), and I got to lounge around without any excuse.  I was going to meet a friend for brunch  but decided against it.  The arroz caldo made up for it in a big way.  Bukas, champorado naman with gourmet tuyo.    Mag post ulit ako bukas.  🙂

Tomorrow will be an early day as well as I am getting ready to retire for the night.  I watched Cider House Rules again.  It is a movie I like watching now and then.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day for me.

I hope you all had a great day wherever you may be.  I heard someone say, “Today is going to be a great day, you know why?  Because everyday is a great day!”    I think that’s fantastic!  Greet each day with gladness and thanksgiving.  It’s the best way to start.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite songs from the 80s – Comtemporary Christian music by Amy Grant.

Until next time,



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