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Many of us left our country of origin by choice. It was a choice to leave everyone behind in search of a better life and a better future elsewhere. Granted, if we had opportunities well enough from where we came from, we wouldn’t have taken the option to leave our loved ones behind and the familiar place we called home. To others, it may not have been a choice. Either you stay or put your life in danger. And to some, they’ve decided to move to a foreign country to start all over again.

We have many different reasons as to why we are in the place where we are now. For me, it was because of the family. My whole family migrated to the United States and that is why I am here now. I may have been very homesick when I first came to America and wanted to go back home so bad that there were a few months where I didn’t call America my home. I had felt that I didn’t belong. But time heals that. Once I started meeting people and learning the culture, I started feeling a home more and more each day. Now, I would have to say that I call America my home. I have been in this country since I was 18-years old. Some of my American friends tell me that I am really American now because I have lived here more than I have lived in the Philippines.

I have to agree with them. The United States is now the one country that I am most familiar with. I can go home to the Philippines tomorrow and see friends and family, have fun and be merry. At the end of the vacation, I yearn to be “home”. It doesn’t diminish the fact that the Philippines will always be the country which is dearest to me. I will always love the people of the Philippines and the country itself with its colourful culture and tradition. I still have family there as well whom I enjoy spending time with whenever I get the chance to visit.

As immigrants, we always wish to ourselves that the people we left behind could experience the life we have adapted. We want to share with them the fruits of our hard-earned money. It is difficult at times because not all of them can be approved for a visa to join us. Some of my relatives have never even set foot outside of the Philippines. And many of them don’t mind. They feel right at home where they are. And that is fine too.

The most we can do to share the prosperity we have or the good life that we are privileged to have to is to send them money. It could be a gift, a financial assistance, or even a regular transmission to help them with their daily expenses. Some of us may have brothers or sisters who are in school and need assistance to pay for tuition. Others may have a monthly mortgage they need to pay for. Whatever the reason, we want to be able to assist them in the best and easiest possible way.

I remember way back when there is only one way to send money overseas. And that is going to a bank and sending money via wire transfer. Do you remember those days? The charge from the bank in order to send a bank-to-bank wire transfer back then was so exorbitant that not many regular working people do it. It is only used for emergencies and the like and done infrequently. So if you need to send money to your family or friends, you have to pay ridiculous fees. Even doing business from a foreign country to another foreign country was very difficult. It takes days for the money to be transferred as well.

Today it is very different. The new generation is very lucky to have companies like Western Union, World Remit or Remitly to be able to send money overseas. They can choose whether to send money in US dollars or the local currency. It is also a choice whether you send the money instantly (literally within minutes) for a fee or send the money without fees (arrives several days after) if there is no need to rush.

I have used Remitly in sending money to the Philippines for over two years now and I have had no issues. As long as you make sure that the information you provided while sending the money is accurate and complete, you should not encounter any delays. I have sent money to artists who make religious statues in Pampanga, or my relatives for gifts and other needs. You can use Remitly to send money to India and Mexico as well. I believe it is free to send money to India.

I would trust Remitly because it is backed by one of the founders of Amazon through Bezos Expeditions which has funded other startup companies like AirBnB and Uber.


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