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Alyssa Milano’s Sex Tape. A break from Wally Bayola’s sex tapes. (VIDEO)

Scandals happen everywhere. A sex tape scandal put Kim Kardashian on the map, and made her and her family a millionaire. Hayden Kho launched a perfume line after his scandal. Who’s to say? Philippines or the U.S., scandals exist and we, being in a voyeuristic culture that we are in, patronize these kinds of videoContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Allysa Milano confirmed that she’s pregnant on Twitter.

What could be happier news than announcing and confirming that you’re pregnant? Well, Alyssa Milano (child star from Who’s the Boss? and eventually one of the sisters in Charmed) who married Dave Bugliari back in 2009 has confirmed that they are expecting. As soon as the news came out, she posted on her Twitter account:Continue Reading

Jersey Shore has definitely caught on… Alyssa Milano transforms…

And you thought Jersey Shore will not be a hit. First with the controversy with the Italian American Group, UNICO. Then, the “Kooki popped in the face” issue. You just can’t get this show off the celebrity buzz… it’s freaking hot! Watch Alyssa Milano transform into Kooki. Hilarious but good punchline. Watch the VIDEO below:Continue Reading

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