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Alyssa Milano announces the gender of their baby via her website.

Actress Alyssa Milano announced the gender of their baby last night through her website by notifying her almost 1.5 million followers on Twitter about the time that she would announced it. Here’s the tweet:   On her website, the photo above was posted and this is what she wrote: IT’S A BOY!!! As fun asContinue Reading

Allysa Milano confirmed that she’s pregnant on Twitter.

What could be happier news than announcing and confirming that you’re pregnant? Well, Alyssa Milano (child star from Who’s the Boss? and eventually one of the sisters in Charmed) who married Dave Bugliari back in 2009 has confirmed that they are expecting. As soon as the news came out, she posted on her Twitter account:Continue Reading

2016 Olympics Announcement – Chicago and Tokyo OUT.

Not even the presence of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey can convince the IOC that Chicago is the PLACE for the 2106 Summer Olympics. It was the first to be eliminated in the final four cities vying for the coveted 2016 Summer Olympics. Only two remain – – Madrid and Rio deContinue Reading

Will Barack Obama succeed in campaigning for Chicago to host 2016 Olympics

Heavy hitter Chicagoans  such as Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama and now, President Barack Obama traveled to Copenhagen and are pushing for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.  It will be exciting to find out how this will all resolve as we are in competition with other heavy hitters.  Included in the countriesContinue Reading

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