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Either my White Party was too early or Prince William was too late.

Chuva Chienes’ White Party has been over for about three weeks now. I should have invited Prince William. He looks so good in white. Maybe next time I hold a white party, I will make it a Royal one. Take a look – – by following the link. Prince William wears his whiteys

Chuva Chienes and The White Party – – a blast!

I didn’t think people would participate.  I thought it would be a good birthday party for Chris to have a White Party but didn’t think the turnout would be as good as it did. Friends came out and celebrated Chris’ tieth birthday and from what I heard, everyone had  a blast. Presenting – – ChuvaContinue Reading is throwing a White Party – – June 19th will be celebrating Chuva’s birthday with a White Party theme on June 19th. Come one – come all! Yes, it is a delayed celebration because the Brazil trip coincided with Chuva’s birthday. I’m wondering now, is there an app for throwing a party? With less than a few days to spare – there’s stillContinue Reading

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