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Could Oh My Mama Mia be Maricel Soriano’s Come Back Film?

Maricel Soriano has been in a lot of controversial situations in the past few months or so. She has been accused of cocking a gun at her maids, accused of making Gerald Anderson cry, and so forth. But the recent news about the taping of her new film with Eugene Domingo, Oh My Mama Mia,Continue Reading


Nagkagulo na ang blogosphere at forums due Maricel Soriano and Gerald Anderson issue that happened during the taping of Bukas na Kita Mamahalin. The forum mill is filled with comments and reactions towards the removal of the Diamond Star from the teleserye while Gerald Anderson remain. Is there truth that Gerald Anderson is “untouchable” byContinue Reading

Ruffa Gutierrez – “Who cares about the past? Everyone of us has a past.” (VIDEO)

Ruffa Gutierrez talked about all the issues she faces and how she feels about everything, her past, her marriage, people who judge her and Paparazzi. WATCH:Continue Reading

Photo of Military Moms Breastfeeding Goes Viral (PHOTOS)

Similar to the controversial TIME Magazine cover of a mom breastfeeding her “not-so-infant” child, a new photograph has become controversial showing two Air Force moms in uniform breastfeeding. It went viral because many are opposed to women breastfeeding in their uniform. Really? It is a natural thing. Mothers, regardless whether they are in uniform orContinue Reading

VIRAL VIDEO: Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo Brawl at NAIA (PART 2)

Radio and TV host Mon Tulfo was involved in a fist fight against husband and wife Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto at noontime Sunday, May 6, 2012 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. According to some witnesses, the actress, together with his husband Raymart Santiago, arrived in Manila around noon today from theirContinue ReadingContinue Reading

If you think the rift between Nadia and Anabelle is bad, how about the rift between Cristine Reyes and Ara Mina?

Every family goes through this. Well, not every family but most families do. Dispute over money could change any individual to an evil, conniving person. Ara Mina, is the 32-year sister of Cristine Reyes, 23. They are normally sweet to each other but dispute over payment for their mother’s house apparently released the venom ofContinue Reading

Take the POLL. Exclusive interview of Nadia Montenegro on The Buzz generates some sharp tweets from Anabelle Rama. Who’s right?

The giant has been awaken. The claws have come out! Nadia Montenegro’s interview on The Buzz yesterday has generated some very harsh tweets from Anabelle Rama, The matriarch of The Gutierrez family. The interview was granted by Nadia after six months of being silent as advised by her counsel. Her comment of “dapat burado kaContinue Reading

Piolo Pascual is such a hunk. And so is Carlos Agassi. Both shirtless? (PICS)

No one can deny that Piolo Pascual is sexy.  Carlos Agassi is also sexy.  Both of them do take care of their physique well and I must admit, I have wished that the rumors about Piolo Pascual being gay would be true.   Carlos Agassi did admit that he had a sexual relationship with aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Elton John’s Husband, David Furnish – Issues an apology on slamming Madonna after her Golden Globe win.

Whew!! Finally! After slamming Madonna when she won the Golden Globe for Best Original Theme song for the film W.E., David Furnish has now issued an apology for his statement on his Facebook page during the night of the awards. “Wow! What a tempest in a teapot. My comments regarding The Golden Globes have beenContinue Reading

Vice Ganda vs. Ai-Ai delas Alas. The “snubbing” issue raised by many. Who’s telling the truth?

Did any of you see Vice Ganda‘s interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz last Sunday? I was still at home sick and I had the show on DVR so I watched it last night. I have always liked Vice Ganda and I believe that he really as a good heart. Boy Abunda’s questions allowedContinue Reading

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