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RIP Star Struck Alum Tyron Perez Found Dead in an abandoned car

Social micronetworking site Twitter was buzzing about an hour ago when @mjfelipe announced that an alumnus from reality show StarStruck, Tyron Perez was found dead in an abandoned car in Valenzuela.  Reports though unconfirmed,  say that it is an apparent suicide. The model actor took a lead role in the film Twilight Dancers back inContinue Reading

Libyan Transitional Council confirms that ex-Libyan leader Muhamar Ghadafi is DEAD (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

There were lots of unconfirmed reports about the whereabouts of the ex-Libyan leader, Muhamar Ghadafi.  On Reuters, they say that the ex-leader was captured and wounded and has died after being hit in the head.  However, on MSNBC and CNN, it has been declared that Ghadafi is dead. I guess if CNN has published it,Continue Reading

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn and Unnamed Passenger Killed in Car Crash

    There’s a lot of mixed reactions regarding the tragic death of Ryan Dunn from Jackass.  When it was reported earlier, no one knew that he was drinking and driving.  It was only reported that he was killed in a car crash with a passenger when his Porsche supposedly veered off the road andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Aaron Carter is not dead. He’s alive and well.

Pranksters have done it again.  A hoax did a run on the net last week about Aaron Carter’s death.  Many celebrities have been victims of this prank including but not limited to Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp.  It’s a morbid kind of joke and I don’t know what prompts hoaxers to spread rumors like thatContinue Reading

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