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Perez Hilton Responds to Lady Gaga’s Accusations.

It took quite a few days for Perez Hilton to respond to Lady Gaga‘s tweets about him being a “stalker” and claims that he was trying to move into her New York apartment building to continue to stalk her. Her Little Monsters supported her and continued the attack on Perez Hilton which probably made PerezContinue Reading

Was Lady Gaga’s Message Directed Towards Madonna? Watch. (VIDEO)

Not sure if this “alleged feud” between Madonna and Lady Gaga is real or a publicity stunt. Remember when Madonna took a swipe at Lady Gaga during her concert rehearsal in Tel Aviv mixing Express Yourself and Born This Way in one of her acts? Well, now it’s Lady Gaga’s turn where she explained howContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Oh no! Donald Trump is one of them! He wants Barack Obama to show his birth certificate… Whoopi Goldberg argues with him…(VIDEO)

I’m fucking livid! Yes, I said the word! I don’t usually say that word around my blog if it is not warranted. Yet, on top of the news that the Westboro Idiot Church’s plan to protest Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral, comes the news that Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg had it out on The View becauseContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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