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FINC Chicago Wins Best All-Around Float for Pride 2013~!

Filipinos and Friends in Chicago won the Best All-Around Float Award for Pride Awards 2013 in Chicago out of 230 entries!! I must tell you that I am doubly proud because I know the people who collaborated and designed the float!  A good friend and interior designer by training, Jellicoe Eusebio, together with Ryan JamesContinue Reading

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” climbs up the charts. (VIDEO)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a video in support of Marriage Equality.  The single, “Same Love” has been playing on the radio for a while and it actually caught my attention due to the narration.  With the Supreme Court ruling last Wednesday ruling DOMA as unconstitutional, the song has gained popularity specially that pride eventsContinue Reading

My Husband’s Lover – GMA 7

I was never a fan of GMA 7.  I don’t have a subscription for it like I have for ABS-CBN.  But this new show may just make me subscribe.  My Husband’s Lover – starring Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. It’s not the typical love story you witness but it exists more than anyoneContinue Reading

The times… they are a changing… – Bob Dylan.

The evolution of the American Family. If someone had told me years ago that I may be able to witness the United States legalize gay marriage, I would have probably said that he was out of his mind.   Majority of the folks outside the United States probably believe that it is a liberal country.  InContinue Reading

That’s my Super Hero.

When asked about Gay Marriage / Marriage Equality, Dean Cain – star of Lois & Clark and played the role of Superman, says it’s not a problem for him. He said that he is 46-years old and has never been married so if anyone wants it, they can go ahead. “If anybody wants to getContinue Reading

Can they be any cuter? Gay Marine Couple.

Anovers?!!! When you see a happy gay couple like these two, would you want to say “Awwwwwww!”, or barf yourself all the way to the bathroom?    Well, that is if you’ve been jaded by your life experiences but I still prefer to say “Awwwww!!”. Why?  Because we find happiness in places we least expect happinessContinue Reading

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent – Engaged! WOW!

He’s one of my TV crushes.  Nate Berkus. I remember his harrowing experience during the Tsunami in Indonesia where his boyfriend at that time was washed away and never to be found.  I felt so bad for him. But now, he’s found happiness once again.  According to US Weekly: Sitting on top of the world!Continue Reading

Our Champion. Hillary.

As much as we loved her as the Presidential candidate during the 2008 elections (and eventually gave way to then-Sen. Barack Obama), we loved her as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is one of the champions for gay marriage and her official statement after stepping down as Madame Secretary, cemented even more, her relationship withContinue Reading

Every Gay Teen’s Wish. Letter from dad.

Posted on FCKH8’s Facebook Page is a letter from a dad to aid his son to come out to him. The letter was overwhelming and touching to say the least and if every gay teenager can get this type of understanding from their parents, it would be a beautiful world. Here’s what the letter said:Continue Reading

Light the way. March 4 Marriage.

Support the United for Marriage campaign.  Visit March4Marriage Facebook Page.  March 26 & 27.

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