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Chuva’s First Annual “Pinoy Kilig Factor Love Team Award” goes to……

Fans of Tricia Santos and James Reid must have given up on their love team already.  I remember when I created a poll last year about who would fans want to see get together as a love team.  The winner of that poll was James Reid and Tricia Santos. They were very strong during thatContinue Reading

Vote for Chuva’s 1st Annual ‘Pinoy “Kilig Factor” Love Team Award for 2010’ – On and Off Screen.

We have all been there.  All through time, Filipinos have fallen in love with their love teams.  Be it on or off camera, we have our favorites.  The lasting love teams of Pinoy Celebrities have added color to the ever-changing world of Philippine Show Business.  It adds to excitement of the fans to sometimes extremeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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