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Taylor Lautner – not a fan of Jennifer Love-Hewitt?

Dunno if this story is true or not but I read somewhere that Jennifer Love-Hewitt had a run-in with Taylor Lautner.  She asked to take a photo with him and the reaction was quite unwelcoming. “He’s definitely not Team Jennifer, let me tell you… I deleted the picture,” Jennifer said. I dunno about that.  DoContinue Reading

Jennifer Love-Hewitt writes and releases a book – after split from Jamie Kennedy

Jennifer Love-Hewitt, the star of Ghost Whisperer were in the headlines a couple of weeks ago when the news broke out that she and her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, her co-star in the same show has separated. She appeared on Today Show this morning on NBC to promote her book, The Day I Shot Cupid –Continue ReadingContinue Reading

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