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Celebrities vs. Trump – Next Up: Robert De Niro to Trump ‘How Dare You!’

Donald Trump doesn’t get it but he loves the attention.  The latest celebrity who has questioned Donald Trump on his view regarding President Obama’s birthplace is Robert De Niro.  If you remember, in the past several weeks, Donald Trump was the subject of Bill Cosby’s “Run, or Shut Up!” moment on NBC’s Today show.  MostContinue Reading

Whose side are you on in this? Jerry Seinfeld cancels Eric Trump Foundation gig appearance due to Donald Trump’s view on Obama’s citizenship. Donald Trump not amused. (POLL)

    Okay, gather ’round people.  Jerry Seinfeld made a commitment to gig for Eric Trump (Donald Trump’s son) Foundation which will benefit St. Jude’s Children Hospital.  Reason?  According to sources, Jerry Seinfeld was getting “increasingly uncomfortable” with Donald Trump’s view and questioning of President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship and therefore has respectfully pulled outContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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