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NBC Full Olympic Schedule for the Summer London Olympics 2012 (Streaming and Replay Videos)

 Billions of people are looking for the Full Schedule of the London Olympics 2012.  If you’re like me, I want to know when the Philippine Olympic Team will be playing. It was very nice of NBC to publish a full schedule by Sport and I took the liberty to provide you the links below.  TheyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Wins the first Gold for the US, Michael Phelps takes Fourth Place

Ryan Lochte better be prepared to make rounds on TV Networks when he returns to the US.  He is the first US Olympian to win gold for the U.S. at the Summer Olympics in London 2012. Thiago Pereira from Brazil took silver and Japan’s Kosuke Hagino took the bronze in the 400m relay.  Michael PhelpsContinue Reading

Michael Phelps feels sympathy for Tiger Woods – “It’s not easy.”

Remember when star swimmer Michael Phelps was ostracized for being caught sucking a bong? And he is just getting established as a star athlete, breaking all kinds of records and winning numerous gold medals when he went through the ordeal. Tiger Woods is an accomplished athlete poised to earn a billion dollars a year byContinue ReadingContinue Reading

I hope Michael Phelps doesn’t end up like swimmer Ian Thorpe as he gains weight

You all saw what happened to Ian Thorpe right? He had the best body while he was in shape as a swimmer. I had a big crush on him and I couldn’t tell you how much… LOL! But as the years went on (I mean don’t get me wrong – everybody gains a little weightContinue Reading

Michael Phelps Broke Another World Record! Must be the Speedo! :)

For a young man to accomplish what Michael Phelps have accomplished in swimming, one has to wonder – – he must be set for life! With all the endorsements from high profile advertisers, he must be laughing all the way to the bank. I’m sure that he earned it by training really well and discipliningContinue Reading

Michael Phelps for Speedo – – – what an ad.. haha!

One of our regular readers here, America’s Top Monay – tipped me to the Speedo ad where Michael Phelps is all spread out showing the “gift” he was given by the highest authority …. hahaha!! If you’ve heard of the ad and are looking for the picture, you are in luck. JUMP to see theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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