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This is more than just a nip slip… it’s still a slip – – Rihanna

It’s really tough to be a performer.. you just never know what’s going to slip out.  It happened to many artists and Rihanna is no exception. Check it out closer or enlarge the pic.. you’ll know what I’m talking about.   Risque!!

Beyoncé’s Nip Slip Photo at the beach – So Anne Curtis, don’t feel so bad.

Enough with crying foul already. They do have nip slips all over the world.  Anne Curtis’ nip slip at Boracay Beach during ASAP XV taping was kind of well… more exposed than the normal slip. Then came the Karylle (Photoshopped) Nip Slip. Such a hoax. It was really obvious. Now – here comes Beyoncé asContinue Reading

Anne Curtis Nip Slip on ASAP Photo

It’s Boracay, of course you will wear skimpy bathing suits and granted, Anne Curtis had the best figure among all the stars that day.  But, if you’re going to perform a number (most specially a dance number), don’t you think you will at least protect the “girls” to make sure that they don’t jump outContinue Reading

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