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Filipinos excited for Pamela Bianca Manalo – Miss Philippines-Universe 2009

Get ready na mga ditse!!! Miss Universe 2009 may just be it. Miss Pamela Bianca Manalo, Miss Philippines-Universe 2009 has excited the Filipino people once again. We have always come close to taking the crown of Miss Universe in the past but not of late. Miss Manalo proves to be strong in grace, stature, andContinue Reading

Does Pamela Bianca Manalo have a chance to take the Ms Universe Crown?

Okay, this is one of the events that gays from all over the world get excited about: The Miss Universe Pageant. We have a strong inclination that Miss Philippines-Universe, Pamela Bianca Manalo, will have a chance to take at the very least – one of the TOP 15. Get ready folks – the Ms. UniverseContinue Reading

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