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Beyoncé’s Nip Slip Photo at the beach – So Anne Curtis, don’t feel so bad.

Enough with crying foul already. They do have nip slips all over the world.  Anne Curtis’ nip slip at Boracay Beach during ASAP XV taping was kind of well… more exposed than the normal slip. Then came the Karylle (Photoshopped) Nip Slip. Such a hoax. It was really obvious. Now – here comes Beyoncé asContinue Reading

First time ever: Spain’s First Daughters Photographed

It is quite unique. We know that for security purposes, celebrities or high-profile individuals usually shield their children from the media. Michael Jackson’s children were never exposed until after his death. Needless to say, it is for the best interest of the children that this is usually done. In the case of the Prime MinisterContinue Reading

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