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Lady Gaga Tweets a photo of herself half-naked in the pool with Taylor Kinney. Photo goes viral.

We all know that Vampire Diaries’ hunk, Taylor Kinney is dating Lady Gaga.  They’ve been seen together and Gaga herself is not afraid to be seen with him in public. A recent photo was posted by Lady Gaga on her new website, Little Monsters showing herself in the pool, getting a kiss from non-other thanContinue Reading

Kevin “Fed” Federline seems to be well …. FED.

Whoah! I know age can take its toll but the guy is only 31 years old. He used to be so hot before and I couldn’t imagine that he would let go like this. Yes, I’m talking of Kevin “Fed” Federline – the ex-Mr. Britney Spears guy. I’m sure he’s seen the tabloids and evenContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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