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Tiger Woods listed “OD” at the hospital during his car accident.

Photo Credit: Tiger Woods. Photo: Paul Rovere According to, when Tiger was taken to the hospital after his accident, he was listed under “OD” on the hospital chart.  Why?  TMZ says that he was having difficulty (and even reported to be so sound asleep as he laid on the ground after the accident “snoring”).Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Someone is having a rough week – At Least 9 Women Romantically Linked to Tiger Woods

Photo Credit: Wow, who hasn’t Tiger Woods slept with?  Another woman has stepped forward claiming to have had a fling with Tiger Woods.  That is now a totoal of nine women and counting as women come out claiming to have been romantically linked to Tiger.  Daily News reported that yet another woman named CoriContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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