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Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee vs Vhong Navarro. Whose side are you on? Deniece responds (VIDEO)

The internet was set ablaze by the news about Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo. Allegedly, Vhon Navarro attempted to rape Deniece Cornejo yet, the story relayed by Vhong when he was interviewed yesterday showed his side of the story. Vhong alleges that this is a case of extortion while Deniece Cornejo herself stands by herContinue Reading

Pinay Sex Scandal: EB Babe Yosh Rivera and Wally Bayola Speaks Out? (VIDEO)

I don’t know when people will learn to not do this but apparently, the Hayden Ko sex tape scandal, the Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan sex tape, etc. etc. will not stop celebrities from making sex video tapes. The viral video of alleged comedian Wally Bayola and Eat Bulaga Babe Yosh Rivera has gone viral.Continue Reading


It’s not anything new to have Pinoy Scandals. What’s new is the influx of Pinoy celebrities creating sex tapes. Is this the only way to gain attention these days? Do you want to see the alleged actual sex tape / video of Wally Bayola?   Click (Video has been removed)!  Proceed at your own risk.

N Sync Justin Timberlake Full Performance 2013 MTV VMAs (VIDEO)

Well-deserved! Justin Timberlake (JT) killed it when he performed at VMAs last night.  Rightfully, he was the headline this morning (besides the Miley Cyrus fiasco) and to say that they both got the attention of the public is an understatement. JT, bringing in N’Sync was a treat to many.  The rumors of the group appearingContinue Reading

Miley Cyrus – Robin Thicke – VMA Performance (VIDEO)

I’m probably one of the luckiest people on earth last night after I missed Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s performance on VMA. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exploded with comments and harsh words for Miley who performed with Robin Thicke singing “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines” respectively. People were horrified at her performance.  (Oh, RobinContinue Reading

Lady Gaga Releases “Applause” Early. (LISTEN)

Unknown Gay Country Musician Releases “All-American Boy” and becomes a Youtube Hit.

Wow. A dream come true. Steve Grand was an unknown musician until four days ago, when he scraped up all that he’s got and maxed out his credit cards for a $7,000 music video budget for his song “All-American Boy”. A gay-themed country music video that became an instant hit on Youtube. Gay or not,Continue Reading

Taylor Lautner for BENCH. Behind the Scenes. (VIDEO)

Following the footsteps of Liam Hemsworth, hunk Twilight star Taylor Lautner is the new poster boy for U.K. clothing brand, BENCH/.    Look at behind-the-scenes footage of the Bench Ad Campaign where the actor known for his six-pack performs his own stunts and impresses by doing flips and jumps.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” climbs up the charts. (VIDEO)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a video in support of Marriage Equality.  The single, “Same Love” has been playing on the radio for a while and it actually caught my attention due to the narration.  With the Supreme Court ruling last Wednesday ruling DOMA as unconstitutional, the song has gained popularity specially that pride eventsContinue Reading

Tom Cruise: Egg Roulette with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

What were the chances of playing egg roulette and losing.  That would have been impossible right? From a dozen eggs, only two were raw. Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon played the game and it was as entertaining as heck.  If you haven’t heard, Jimmy Fallon will take over the Tonight Show when Jay Leno retires. Continue Reading

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