TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show 8 – Be Our Guest. Podcast redemption for Ham Viloria Part 2





Hello TCCS Listeners! Here’s the second half of our interview with Professional Hairdresser, Ham Viloria.

Like I stated in the last podcast, Part 1 – I had to cut this into two parts because I try to limit my podcast into one half hour episodes to not bore any of you. Hopefully our topics are good so far and you will be willing to return to listen some more.


Or download the podcast here.

If you want, you may follow Ham Viloria on Twitter: @hamviloria and you may also follow me! @chuva

If you want to call me using Skype, my skype id is: podcastingchuva and become our next guest.  We have a few guests lined up for interviews and you can surely be one of them if you would like. Call us via Magic Jack. The number is (856) 872-2019.

Let me let you go so you can start listening.

Till next time!!


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