TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show 9 – Be Our Guest. @Kyxxx Vee tells us about his life and loves…Part 1

Hello TCCS Listeners! Here’s the first  half of our interview with three-degree holder , a nursing grad from Bacolod, @Kyxxx Vee.

This was from a recording of over an hour and twenty minutes. I split the podcast into two parts to make it acceptable to our faithful and avid listeners.

Listeners, let us welcome @Kyxxx and please leave your comments below as well.

Without further going into what we talked about, here’s the podcast.

Listen below:


Or download the podcast here.

If you want, you may follow Kyxxx on Twitter: @kyxxx and you may also follow me! @chuva

If you want to call me using Skype, my skype id is: podcastingchuva and become our next guest. We have a few guests lined up for interviews and you can surely be one of them if you would like. Call us via Magic Jack. The number is (856) 872-2019.

Let me let you go so you can start listening.

Till next time!!


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