TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show – TCCS 6 – Our Special Guest, Tasha Fantashadora – GO!

The Chuva Chienes Show is proud to present our special guest of the day (co-host daw… ambisyosa!!) – Tasha Fantashadorah.

We had dinner at my house tonight and we tried to test his voice on podcasting.  Well, the testing turned into a real podcast!  Kuwela ang kuwentuhan hanggang natuloy na naging podcast.

Listeners, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss.  Tasha is a superstar like me, hahaha!

Are you ready for the surprise?  Listen in and see what we’re up to!


Or download the podcast here.

If you want, you may follow Tasha Fantashadora on Twitter: @tashadorah and you may also follow me! @chuva

If you want to call me using Skype, my skype id is: podcastingchuva and become our next guest.

Till next time!!


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