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I am a magnet for cheesy stuff.  Just two weeks ago, I watched the film “Marley & Me” just so I can tolerate my boy’s (new puppy – Kenzo) naughtiness.  I cried so much in the end that I tried to hold Kenzo and hug him after watching the film (but of course, he hated it!).  But I did that on my own.  I literally went on and purchased the film because I cannot find it available on Netflix or Amazon Video.  I got my fix after seeing the movie.

However, this morning – I decided to drive to work.  (I normally take the train.)  As I was driving, a song came on which I did not expect at all.  I listen to 101.5 FM, a station that plays Christmas music all season long.  I had no idea what the song was but I got to listen to every lyric.  I eventually had to use Shazam to figure out the title of the song.

Have you ever heard of “The Christmas Shoes”?  Kung hindi ka pa nakakarinig ng pinaka malungkot na Christmas song, ito na ‘yon.  Iyak ako ng iyak na parang bata sa sasakyan.  Halos di ko na makita yung daan.  Hahaha!  I lost my mother many years ago and I was just picturing the scene of each lyric and it was wonderfully delivered kaya ayun – parang nabasag na banga ang mga mata ko.

After researching the song, I heard that it was from a novel that was also made into a TV movie starring Rob Lowe.  I never heard of it.  There was also a Youtube video made as a project for film school.

Heto, makisama kayo sa pag-iyak ko.  Kanya-kanyang trip lang.


Merry Christmas mga Chuvanians!!



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